The Ups & Downs


The Ups & Downs
Dan Richert
Thursday, November 13 from 7 to 10 pm
Friday, November 14 from 7 to 10pm

Betalevel has sprung a leak! We are moving Dan Richert’s installation in The Ups & Downs series to Marmion Way located at 4233 Marmion Way #3, los angeles 90065.
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The Ups & Downs is an installation series. The show goes up, the show goes down. Opening party on Thursday night and closing party the next night, on Friday. No time for exhibitions. Low impact, ephemeral and immersive art. People with lots of People. The market. It’s a party. Time for the underground. It’s a ball. It’s for The People. This has been made for you. Do I know you? The show must go on. Installed and De-installed. Up. Down. Now what? Now then…

The Ups & Downs:
Dan Richert
*sc3gzr* is an interactive gamepad-controlled text stream filter designed around pattern-based text filtering functionality similar to that found in the UNIX tools grep and sed. Filtering patterns are determined by control messages sent from the gamepad. *sc3gzr* is an experiment in non-linear text presentation.

Dan Richert is a programmer and digital artist. His work primarily focuses on computerized text and audio generation, recombination and breakage.