Swap Meet

Democracy – Karaoke – Conviviality

yes we can

Tuesday, November 4
8:30pm until somewhat late

We were talking with a cabal of our fellow coastal elites about how great it would be if we could spend election night in some kind of CSPAN bar with walls full of live returns, stocked with a generous array of refreshments, and offering some socially acceptable means for pent-up socialists to release their emotions.

Then we remembered — Betalevel is filled with a series of tubes, which means we’ve got live election data squirting all over the place! And at Swap Meet, we have lots of refreshments and we express all manner of emotion without any fear of disapproval or retribution. Which brings us to this very special Election Night Swap Meet.

Featuring the Election Results Awesome-O-Tron 2000!

[ not to scale ]

You could come to bathe in the sweet datastream of our Matrix-style heads-up results array. Or when key states get called, you could express your feelings in song. (Colorado = Rocky Mountain High, Nevada = Viva Las Vegas… you get the idea.) Or, you could come just to pal around with “terrorists.” But at Swap Meet, you don’t have to be a socialist who pals around with terrorists. You just need to be social and pal around!

What to Sing

Here’s the house karaoke list.

What to Bring

  • bring: your singin’ voice and dancin’ shoes (optional)
  • bring: drinks, snacks or a kindly donation (optional)
  • bring: some storage media and/or some music filez (optional)
  • bring: a defiant sense of joy in the face of our eroding cultural freedoms (required)
  • bring: the fact that you voted. (required. seriously.)

Swap Meet is presented by Superbunker and The Royal Academy of Nuts + Bolts.
For more information and helpful links, please see the Superbunker Swap Meet project page.

Please note:
According to recent legal decisions, inducing anyone to use physical space for the purpose of sharing music may render the space-time continuum illegal. Use the space-time continuum at your own risk.

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