Disco Dancer


Tuesday, August 5
Doors at 8pm; film starts at 8:30pm

Scene: An office in Mumbai, 1981
Producer #1: “So what would happen if we combine Saturday Night Fever with Xanadu?”
Producer #2: “Hm, yeah, I like where you’re going with this, but I am not sure if it is, you know, enough.”
Producer #1: “You might be right about that, my friend, but if we make sure the sets are constructed completely out of lights and reflective materials…”
Producer #2: “…And made all the costumes metallic or, at least, bright colors….”
Producer #1: “With tassels!”
Producer #2: “And of course we’ll have some fung fu fighting, right?”
Producer #1: “That goes without saying.”
Producer #2: “And can we steal a bit from that Video Killed the Radio Star song? My kids love that.”
Producer #1: “Why not?”
Producer #2: “Man, I’m seeing gold here. Gold! Not just domestically either. The Soviets are going to eat this up!”
Producer #1: “Oh, yeah, communists love this stuff.”