(a Reading)
with Susan Gevirtz and Steve Dickison
Saturday, May 10 at 7:30pm

I have been able to catch up on some reading lately. Finished __________ by __________–I really like it but __________ does get a bit technical in talking about the brain and how it functions in the role of the emotion life. Have had the Winter 2007 issue of __________ sitting around to finish–title is “__________.” It is about the rise, of __________–one article talks about “monastic groupies,” people who connected themselves to a monastery, practiced some of the disciplines but lived outside in the world. I have tended to go to different monasteries, three I think at this point but was a regular at a retreat center for about a year.

Also Just finished reading __________ on “__________.” They have excellent material in that __________, maybe I need to re-subscribe? Of course, I have had this one lying around for 6 months and only now finished it. One article talked about the problem of __________ and how so many __________.

I am moving slowly through __________ but hope I can sustain my concentration enough to finish it this time–likely will take a few months. Re-reading __________ and the book that __________ says had a significant impact on him (in the __________ I just finished). I should finish __________ by the __________ of my recently completed _________–hmmm, if I am saying should, that is not a good sign. Also have a couple of chapters to finish in __________–that is one that started out very promising but couldn’t sustain itself and so I put it aside–maybe having two __________ to finish had something to do with it. What is next? A couple on my desk that I am looking at longingly—__________ by__________, __________ by __________and __________by __________. I do want to head back and finish __________ that I started last summer.