Underground Supreme


Underground Supreme
Sunday, April 13 at 8:00pm

An evening of Supreme music at Betalevel, in the basement. Underground. Supreme.

Mad Gregs – mad gregs make quietish music designed and written for intimate spaces.

Emily Lacy is a great American folk artist. She collects and sings traditional folk songs as well as her own. She also makes incredible films and writes very well about modern life, nature, and technology. She makes me think that if everyone spent as much energy on being so creative in such positive ways as she does that not much could be wrong with the world”. – LA-based performance group ‘Ing’

Mooie Meubow is not a band name or a stage name but more like a nickname. For Joe Tepperman. Yes, some people actually call me this. They are among the talented and generous ones who play over my sung word sounds. I have a song stuck in my throat. Please, friends… help me get it out!