Duration for the Dark

Dark noise in a dark room

Saturday, March 22

When was the last time you saw a live ambient music performance? Well don’t expect to see one this Saturday either, because the performers will be cloaked in Darkness!

Are they really playing live? Are they even human?? How would you know??? Prepare for the extraction of your pathetic certainties and brace yourself for the implantation of brutal obscurity… in the Dark!!

The audio portion of this 47 minute performance will be documented for the Akashic Recordings (durations/dedications) series. The visual portion of this performance will not be documented. Because it will be Dark! There would be no point!!



This live ambient performance will actually be in actual darkness. If you are uncomfortable with light deprivation or if you fear the darkness in your own soul, you should prepare yourself accordingly.

Seating at 8:30. Darkness promptly at 9. If you arrive after the commencement of Darkness, please be aware that you will be confronted… with Darkness! There shall be no red-capped usher to guide your path into the Stygian void with a kindly flashlight. It will just be you and the void having a one-sided conversation about where to sit. It will be a one-sided conversation, because the all-consuming Stygian void does not care where you sit!

Correspondingly, the black heart of Darkness feels no mercy for your need to use the bathroom! So you had best go beforehand, for when the Darkness falls, bathroom visits will be contraindicated! Due to the lack of light!! Furthermore, searching for nourishment in the Darkness is a non-sanctioned activity! If your thirst requires quenching whilst crossing Stygian voids, then you should horde refreshments at your seat before the Darkness falls upon you! You have been Warned!



Akashic Recordings (durations/dedications) Series offers sonic commemorations to persons, places, objects and events. Previous (durations/dedications) include “2 Durations for Jane Churm” by Last Nights of Paris and “4 Durations for Lara Naszinsky” by Sick To The Back Teeth.

AMBIENT FORCE 3000 confronts Stygian void so you don’t have to. Featuring members of last nights of paris, communicating vessels, & zotalayer.