Future Potentials and Ex-Nons


Future Potentials and Ex-Nons
A Multidisciplinary Reading
Text Performance Music Video Textile Photography
Friday, March 21, 8pm

How much energy do you spend working out the knots in relationships that exist primarily between you and the projective you?

Does the term Ex-Non-Girlfriend make secret sense to you?

Who is your Future-Potential-Lover and why aren’t they your date tonight?

Do you love the passing of ships in the night?

We didn’t think so.

For one night only (because one night is plenty) we’ll be responding to the glitches in the procedures of love. Part reading, part exorcism, part 12-step meeting, Future Potentials and Ex-Nons will be kickin it on March 21, featuring installations and performances by…

Danielle Adair
Jacqueline Davis
David Earle
Daiana Feuer
Monica Forouzesh
Cory Garfin
Eric Lindley
Beth McNamara
Robin Myrick
Gerard Olson
Steven Torrential
Samantha Yonack
…and 1-2 very exciting Mystery Guests

The evening will last 1.5 hours and admission is free.
All our love,
Sarah Dahlen and Allison Carter, Co-Curators