LA-Lit: Vanessa Place Pt2


LA-Lit interviews Vanessa Place
Sunday, March 16 at 3pm

We interviewed Vanessa Place a while back, but unfortunately we had technical difficulties with the second half of the interview! We will be re-recording the second half of Vanessa Place’s interview this Sunday, March 16 at 3pm at Betalevel in Chinatown. This recording will last less than an hour and will be a combination of readings, questions & answers/further questions—alternating between the two modes in hopes of creating a space for dynamic conversation.

Because we will be recording, please try to arrive on time or very quietly.

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Vanessa Place is the author of a 50,000-word, one-sentence novel, Dies: A Sentence (2005), and a co-founder of here.”>Les Figues Press, publisher of the TrenchArt series of experimental literature. Her work has appeared in Northwest Review, Northridge Review, Film Comment, Contemporary Literary Criticism, 4th Street: A Poetry Bimonthly, LA Weekly Literary Supplement, Five Fingers Review, Greetings #10/11 and The nOulipian Analects. Her nonfiction book about sex-offenders and the morality of guilt will be published by Other Press, and her chapbook, Figure from The Gates of Paradise, has just been released from Woodland Editions.