Explorsion Presents:
A Display of Fireworks
Thursday, February 7 at 9pm

Explorsion is a magazine.
A magazine is a place where ammunition is stored.
The eventual result of ammunition, generally, is detonation. When the smoke clears, everything trembles under the weight of the explosion.
The landscape is radically changed.

Not content to writhe inwardly, as is the wont of most magazines, Explorsion detonates itself outward.
Things collide: what is the result of collision? Explorsion.
Explorsion adopts then topples the newsstand glossy with the ridiculous, bizarre and experimental. It is not a magazine, perhaps, but a constant exhibition.
Things transform: what is the result of the transformation? Explorsion.
Explorsion elevates the magazine beyond paper and staples.
The articles are articles, but maybe they’re also a movie of you fighting an alligator. The advertisements are advertisements, but they are also homemade swedish meatballs, or scrabble boards. This is how Explorsion works.
Things fall apart: what puts them back together again? Explorsion.
A chain reaction. One event provokes a video provokes a science experiment provokes me to provoke you provokes a photo shoot provokes a poem provokes parties with no shoes on.

Explorsion is a game of combination. Everything is a game piece.

What Explorsion have you devised?