Say My Name


The Queen Shmooquan “say my name” Show
with Danielle Adair
Friday, January 4 at 8pm

The Queen Shmooquan “say my name” Show is a solo, absurdist theatrical performance, featuring Queen Shmooquan in all her rubber chicken lovin’, transcendental glory. Queen Shmooquan will dance, sing and eat her way through a psychedelic, super-real journey, full of bizarre storylines and prophetic messages.

Jeppa K Hall, as Queen Shmooquan, works in the tradition of pop art clowning, influenced by artists such as Charlie Chaplin and Pee Wee Herman. However, in the presentation of her unusual, yet timely stories and bizarre images, the Queen creates a new performative mythology. She transcends her Walmart purgatory, intermarries familiar imagery of the shared collective americana consciousness with the unknown and the cosmic, to create smart, hilarious, beautiful, and surreal landscapes.

Danielle Adair
The Writers strike, the Iowa Caucuses, California Healthcare reform!!!! But we’ll always have Dorothy Parker, Dylan, and Danielle. Danielle Adair can’t promise you results but she can promise you more of the above, in dialog and through song, this Friday night.

Danielle Adair, performance persona and personhood of Danielle Adair Correll, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Most recently she has performed at such venues as Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater, the West Hollywood Book Fair, Beyond Baroque, The Smell, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and 21 Grand in San Francisco. Her manuscript, “Selma,” examines more specifically the subject matters of psychopathology, Feminism, and institutional narratives addressed in her performances.

Reviews for the Queen:
“Lucky for us, dreams came true that night—especially dreams involving a pretty young woman regurgitating chewed-up Twinkies into the mouth of a rubber chicken. Performance-art freak highlight: Queen Schmooquan’s premature gonging was the night’s biggest controversy. (Confidential to the Queen: Please return for Gong Show II—the citizens of Seattle demand it.)” –The Stranger

“Her show tonight will be out of this world.” –The Seattle Weekly

“Queen Shmooquan is part sex goddess, part retarded child. She is a kind of priestess of strange rituals in which the stuff of religion gets tangled up with the trappings of politics, as performed by a sexually precocious wild child. She’s beyond weird, but she still manages to be poetic, prophetic, absurd and never less than compelling” –Party Volcano

About the Artist:
Jeppa K Hall is an innovative performance artist, vocalist, musician, and songwriter based out of Seattle, Wa. She has been featured as Queen Shmooquan in shows and venues in the Pacific North West and abroad; such as On the Boards, Seattle Children’s Museum, Consolidated Works, the Pink Door, and The Winningstad Theatre. Her other projects include the 21st century storyballads of Goatgirl, Pip-n-Top, and the Seattle Harmonic Voices. Goatgirl has been included in Josephine Foster’s anti-war fundraiser compilation “too much fire to roast human flesh,” released by Arthur magazine and her song ”Find the Sun,” will be included on Herb Diamante’s (Abduction Records, Sun City Girls’ Label) upcoming release.