Friday, June 29 at 7:30pm

Please join us for H-Society, a reading at Betalevel featuring Lee Ann Brown, Catherine Daly, Thérèse Bachand, and Stephanie Rioux.

Lee Ann Brown is the author of Polyverse and The Sleep That Cahnged Everything. She will read samples of three or four on-going projects, currently titled Philtre, Other Archer, A Midsummer Cushion (with Peter Culley), and Grounds for Charlotte. She has collaborated with Tony Torn on several poets plays and film projects and is enjoying exploring Los Angeles this eary summer 2007.

Thérèse Bachand is the author of two forthcoming books – luce a cavallo from Green Integer Books, and Daughter of the Ephemeral Word from i.e. Press.

Catherine Daly is publisher of i.e. Press and author of DaDaDa, Locket, Secret Kitty, To Delite and Instruct, Paper Craft, Chanteuse / Cantatrice, and the forthcoming Heavy Rotation and Vauxhall. She will tell fortunes and lead a tongue twister marathon.

Stephanie Rioux graduated from California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in Writing in Spring 2005. Her writings have appeared in the literary journals nocturnes (re)view, Trepan, Black Clock, Primary Writing, and Traffic. She teaches English and writing in Diamond Bar, California, and co-curates LA-Lit with Mathew Timmons.