Thought Bunker

the ruins of brains past

Fight With Words!

Live Nude Brain!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

cocktails and sign up : : 8pm
fighting begins : : 9pm sharp


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It goes like this:

Two contestants pick random words from a hat.
     perhaps one gets “puppy” and one gets “mountain”…
     perhaps one gets “sky” and one gets “facelift”…
     perhaps one gets “sandwich” and one gets “leg”…
They must think about their word.

thinkin bout words

While the contestants prepare — Live Nude Brain!
The Brain is a good dancer, suave yet sneaky.
The Brain prefers small, un-marked bills.

teh brainz r live 4 REAL

Each contestant must fight for their word,
leg over sandwich, sandwich over leg.

They Must Mean It

They must fight like they mean it.
They must mean it.

They Must Mean It

The audience makes their will known to the judges.
The decision of the judges is precocious, yet final.
A winner is chosen.

Hangman McCann

There are rounds. The winners move on.
There will be prizes.

there are prizes

Whoever wins must compete in the ultimate round.
That person must fight the big boss.
That person must fight THUNKER.

the disgust of the loser is no match for THUNKER


Thunker does not fear your puny decorations! Costumes and props are encouraged!


Thought Bunker, presented by Superbunker