Jason Flores-Williams

Wednesday December 13th at 9 PM

punk rock

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest presents two provocative speeches by Jason Flores-Williams:

“On the 5th Anniversary of 9-11” and “On Gentrification” which was read at the Closing Night of CBGB’s.

From On the 5th Anniversary of 9-11:

So Okay, I got a question — in a country that prides itself on a kind of down home, open eyed, we’re-good, optimistic, people where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day hospitality — I want to know one thing: WHERE’S MY THANK YOU CARD??? Where’s MY APOLOGY LETTER????

About JFW:
Jason Flores-Williams is at the forefront of resistance culture in New York City. He believes that we have to fight The Man on his own turf. His novel “The Last Stand of Mr. America,” got him banned from reading at Columbia University. He is currently in law school.