LA-Lit 1 Year Anniversary

LA-Lit 1 Yr Anniv

LA-Lit 1 Year Anniversary Show
Sunday October 15 at 3pm

LA-Lit celebrates it’s one year anniversary with a discussion of the experimental literary scene in Los Angeles. Previous guests on the show will participate in a panel discussion from 3pm-5pm, then give readings beginning at 7pm.

Also! Poetic Service Announcements!!!

Topics of discussion may include:
LA-Lit – is there one?
Is an identifiable literary community important to Los Angeles?
Have old structures of organization become useless to us?
– rhizomatic communities vs bureaucratic organiztion
What are specific methods that could be used to create/grow literary community?
What role can experimental poetics play in the creation of community?
Eccentric or outside, off-center… is there no center?
How to define our own ‘decentered’ spontaneous connectivity?

For consideration, a cloud…

political activism • ecopoetics • urban poetics • art in the context of world-wide brutality • art and activism • the art of protest • collaborative art/poetics • poetic people power • social experiments • the poetics of daily life in an urban setting • momentary poetics • poetic manifestos • postwar culture • the public avant-garde • feminisms • post-avant • activist communities • poetic terrorism • anti-poetics • poetic recreation • textual/poetic extremeties • small poetic world/brutal surrounding world • poetic/activist pleasure • urban nature • a world of cities • cultural activism • street poetics • uncontrollable space of the urban event • community fences/border walls