YACHT: Which Side Are You On?

Multimedia performance-lectures

battel of light

Friday, September 29
(but donations would be helpful to the perfomance tour)

Jona Bechtolt (and his band, YACHT), Claire L. Evans, and Aaron Flint Jamison present three multimedia diatribes about this angry, beautiful, and slowly warming world. PowerPoint, tangible electronics, performative lecture, next-gen positive vibrational dome music, dancing, and a maddeningly bright ramping halogen lamp will be employed to convince you to give up on darkness and step into the light.

Known as much for his effeminate, wildly sexual “dancing,” as he is for creating damaging beats and weird visuals, Jona Bechtolt owns the room when he performs — and invites everyone to kill it with him. See, this isn’t some glam-glitch-electro-what aesthete with a microphone inspiring a detached staring contest; this is a pinata birthday slam and you’re chugging lemonade.

Claire L. Evans is an unqualified science writer whose primary project, Universe, addresses the synchronies between art, culture, and modern science. Armed with a literature degree and wizened by years in the L.A. underground noise scene, Evans has presented her earnestly cosmic PowerPoint performances at venues ranging from New York MoMA’s PS1 to the Beyond Baroque literary foundation.

Aaron Flint Jamison was born in Billings, MT in 1979. Flint co-founded the active artist-run center Department of Safety. Aaron has written complex computer and Bluetooth viruses, re-wired dangerous electronics, and made photographs, sculptures, and sound pieces. Jamison graduated in 2006 with an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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the big ball of light

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