Dinnernet Dinner!

it is so DinnerNet

DinnerNet Dinner Access GRANTED!
Tuesday, May 16th at 8pm

Hello. What does that mean??

DinnerNet is a laboratory concerned primarily with the proliferation of highly multifarious combinatoric mutations of dinner and fine literature.

With dinner sometimes comes anxiety. This can be a problem because we all eat dinner. We all eat dinner a lot. The Internet makes it possible for all of us dinner eating people to be together. We can be in a place where we can truly let our selves drift away from the brutal physicality of dinner.

Together together together.

the wave of the future

You are cordially invited to the first DinnerNet Dinner.
This texty meal will take place at BetaLevel on
Tuesday, May 16th at 8:00pm.

What do I Bring to DinnerNet Dinner?
1. Dinner (potluck dinner) (dinner potluck) (delicious)
2. Beverages (and maybe plates)
3. Dinner Related items

What does DinnerNet want?
1. Dinner-centric textuality: text associatively, if not directly, linked to dinner.
2. Flavorful discourse of all kinds, again — linked to dinner… and tapioca.
3. Long beautiful hair that is a. shiny b. fragrant c. vitamin enriched.
4. To be a goodwill ambassador, one who is allowed to topple irony and spread the sheer, infectious joy of storytelling itself.
5. To look at a tree, or a cat, or a neighbor, and realize, if we have moved beyond the “two plus two” stage, that it is not possible to get it all.
6. To do away with other ‘meals’ and have dinner for every meal.
7. Massive textual contributions from the United Global Front of Textual Operators and Semantic Engineering (UGFOTOASE).

What does DinnerNet need?
1. Love and compassion.
2. Paper, lots and lots of paper.
3. Gold Bullion, arrrrr!
4. Cutlery. See gift registry.
5. After dinner mints, or something.
6. A nice cold beer to relax after a hard day.

Again, When is DinnerNet Dinner?
1. Tuesday, May 16th at 8pm at Betalevel

Will My Friends Be there?
And, just to be extra certain, will there be dinner?
1. Yes
2. Yes