Inventing Anti-war Culture #4

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Presents:
Inventing Anti-War Culture #4 *******Light A Fire*****

?how do we continue writing poetry, making art, speaking out, creating spaces for reflection & engagement & community-building in the context of the local & global atrocities that populate our present moment?

A public conversation among artists, writers and activists, with: Jen Hofer, Douglas Kearney, Shawn MacDougal, Amitis Motevalli, Manel Saddique and Jane Sprague.

What is it going to take to build a bigger revolution ? to get more people questioning and speaking their truths as opposed to just being parrots or spectators ? the conversation I’m most interested in is not about “the work of thought” (whatever that may mean) but rather turning certain thoughts into action. Now. Again. and again. And again. Until it becomes a habit. And until the thirst for freedom will never again be sated by the various material or psychological diversions the Matrix has to offer.