LA-Lit: Jen Hofer

LA-Lit interviews Jen Hoffer
Sunday, October 23 at 5pm

Jen Hofer moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles in 2002. She edited and translated Sin puertas visibles: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Mexican Women (University of Pittsburgh Press and Ediciones Sin Nombre, 2003). Her recent books include a translation of sections from Dolores Dorantes? sexopurosexoveloz (Seeing Eye Books, 2004), lawless (Seeing Eye Books, 2003), slide rule (subpress collective, 2002), and The 3:15 Experiment (with Lee Ann Brown, Danika Dinsmore and Bernadette Mayer, The Owl Press, 2001), as well as a forthcoming collaboration with poet and musician Patrick Durgin, to be published by Atelos. With Rod Smith, she is co-editing issue #10 of Aerial magazine, a critical volume dedicated to the work of Lyn Hejinian. Recent poems and translations can be found in 1913, BOMB, damn the ceasars, new messes, S?ance and Where We Put Our Hats. In addition to teaching poetics at CalArts, Jen works as a court interpreter in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts. She is co-founder of the City of Angels Ladies? Bicycling Association, also known as The Whirly Girls.

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