Starving 4 Embarassing Architecture

“Starving for embarrassing architecture” contrasts photographic documentation of everyday architecture and situations in Los Angeles with drawings portraying the utopian wishes and longings for the ideal life and work space of the Angelinos. During his six month stay in Los Angeles, the artist investigated the image of the city and the connections between architecture and sculpture while riding his bike, taking pictures and asking questions.”Embarrassment” fascinated him as e means of liberation from the rigid, static and formal rules of architecture. This is predominant mainly in his assembly of the city?s space plot by plot through private buildings and their individual facades. These structures serve as the point of departure for drawings presenting artistic interventions as well as architectural propositions.

G?ngrich studied interior architecture at the Fachhochschule in Rosenheim, receiving his degree in 1991. From 1988-1992 he worked and studied with various architects including J.P. Kleihues in Berlin and Peter Eisenman in New York City. From 1992 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, receiving a master?s degree in 1997. Since then he had various exhibitions in diffrent countrys, at last the 9.Istanbul Biennale 05. G?ngrich?s book publications include “What?s Really Necessary to Add to Reality?” (Berlin, 1998); “Interface Rue du Chevaleret” (Paris, 1999); “Sitting Abroad” (Mexico City, Bogot?, Buenos Aires, 2000); “Picnic City” (Istanbul, 2001), “Everything else is inside”, Berlin 2005.
The last two books are both published by Revolver: