Swap Meet

Piracy – Karaoke – Conviviality

Saturday, July 2
9:00pm till very late

Has internet file sharing got you down? Is raging jingoism getting on your nerves? Does the current state of the Supreme Court cause you to stare into the middle distance with a slack hopeless expression on your face?

Snap out your funk, and join us for some real funk in our semi-secure basement facility. Come with your storage media in hand and a song in your heart as we search for the true meaning of peer-to-peer!

Admission is free.
If the black door is closed, the secret pass phrase is: Reindeer Flotilla
Tell ’em Scotus sent you!


  • Your singin’ voice & dancin’ shoes
  • Your iPod / laptop / hard drive stuffed solid with Hottt Muzik Filez
  • An inner sense of joy in the face of our eroding cultural freedoms
  • Donation $$ for Dr1nXx and Sn4xx0rz
  • if U = 2 + poor { bring(Dr1nX) }

Please note:
According to recent legal decisions, inducing anyone to use physical space for the purpose of sharing music may render the space-time continuum illegal. Use the space-time continuum at your own risk.


Pamphlet [PDF] by The Royal Academy of Nuts + Bolts