Thought Bunker

Saturday December 2 at 8pm

you do not compete against THUNKER -- you LOSE to THUNKER!

It goes like this:

brain words for fight good!
Two contestants pick words from a hat.
Perhaps one gets “puppy” and one gets “mountain.” Perhaps one gets “sky” and one gets “facelift.” Perhaps one gets “sandwich” and one gets “leg.”

The contestants have a brief time to prepare. While they prepare, there is a strip-tease / puppet show: Live Nude Brain.

The contestants must fight for their word — leg over sandwich, sandwich over leg. They must fight like they mean it.
They must mean it.

There is one judge. Anthony “Hangman” McCann. His decision is precocious, yet final. A winner is chosen.

There are rounds. The winners move on. There will be prizes.

Whoever wins against all other contestants must compete in the final round against the big boss — THUNKER.

Thought Bunker. Presented by Superbunker.


  • 8pm – Cocktails and Contestant Sign-Up
  • 8:30 pm – Fighting Begins!

Slots are limited. If you want to fight, be sure to sign up early.

About “Hangman” McCann:

Author of Father of Noise, Judge Anthony McCann dissects flimsy syllogisms with the twinkle of an eye. Cower before his linguistic noose!

About Thunker:

THUNKER will drive the arguments of his enemies before him. THUNKER will savor the lamentations of their hypotheses.

About Live Nude Brain:

The Brain is nude, as it was and as it should be. The Brain is luscious and compelling, folded and juicy. The Brain is a good dancer, suave yet sneaky. The Brain is able to hold its liquor behind a semi-permeable membrane. The Brain likes to wear thongs, just for fun. The Brain prefers small, un-marked bills.