Dog Star Orchestra 10:6

dogstar10_6-gyro_barSounds of a Visceral Nature
Matt Barbier, Ted Byrnes, Scott Cazan, Nicholas Deyoe
Wednesday June 4 at 8pm


bar-claw_rodsPerformances by Ted Byrnes, Michael Foster
Wednesday, February 5th, at 8pm

Trio of Duets

Duets! Duets! Duets!Royal US, Elizabeth Schenck + Matt Wrobel, Corey Fogel + Ted Byrnes

Saturday January 12 at 8:30pm

Devil in the Details

Music by: Amalgam+1, Derek Rogers, Matt Barbier
Friday, November 23, at 8:30pm

Thomas Helton and Friends

Thomas Helton, Ted Byrnes, Last Nights of Paris
Tuesday, October 16th at