1. THURSDAY: Lee Noble, Somesurpises, et al; FRIDAY: Sadubas & Roarkyd
    Sent August 21st 2017

    We've got two nights of music coming up this week at Betalevel: on Thursday, sublime sounds and visuals, featuring Lee Noble, Somesurprises, Teasips, and Ana Roxanne; and, on Friday, Sadubas merges classical Indian rhythms with 70s Bollywood vibes and con...

  2. Tonight's Event POSTPONED: THE DEATH OF THE ANTHROPOCENE Julian Bonequi
    Sent August 19th 2017

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be postponing the screening of Julian' Bonequi's "THE DEATH OF THE ANTRHOPOCENE" tonight. We will definitely be rescheduling though, so please look out for a future scheduling...

  3. This Saturday: THE DEATH OF THE ANTHROPOCENE Radio Drama / 3D Animation by Julian Bonequi
    Sent August 14th 2017

    THE DEATH OF THE ANTHROPOCENE Anthropocene Radio Drama / 3D Animation by Julian Bonequi Saturday, August 19th 8pm Free "Julian Bonequi's "Death of the Anthropcene" starts from on...

  4. Keanu Night: SPEED this Thursday at Betalevel
    Sent June 12th 2017

    Keanu Night SPEED Thursday, June 15 Doors at 8pm; screening begins at 8:30pm Free It is pretty much guaranteed that each year, as a certain holiday approaches, one will be subjected to the pontifications of ...

  5. This weekend at Betalevel: Electronics/Words on Saturday; Ambient/Drone on Sunday
    Sent May 25th 2017

    Casey Anderson + Steve Flato, Pauline Gloss, Scott Cazan: Electricity, Sounds, Words Saturday, May 27 8pm Free New and recent work for live electronics and words by Case...

  6. Wednesday at Betalevel: Storm Chaser / Cool Maritime / Gel Set / Jeremiah Chiu
    Sent May 22nd 2017

    Electroencephonography: Storm Chaser / Cool Maritime / Gel Set / Jeremiah Chiu Wednesday, May 24 8pm Free It appears that this has become somewhat of a series. While it has grown organically rather...

  7. Sunday at Betalevel: Ant'lrd / Ross Fish / Electric Sound Bath
    Sent April 14th 2017

    Electroencephonography: Ant'lrd / Ross Fish / Electric Sound Bath / Ki Oni Sunday, April 16 8pm Free Electric Sound Bath return to Betalevel with Portland friends Ross Fish and Ant'lrd for anot...

  8. MONDAY at Betalevel - Music by Foster/Hutson/Pisaro & Byrnes/Tobin
    Sent April 7th 2017

    Music by Foster/Hutson/Pisaro & Byrnes/Tobin Monday, April 10th 8pm FREE Joe Foster William Hutson Michael Pisaro & Ted Byrnes Micaela Tobin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Directions...

  9. Saturday at Betalevel: Dance-Music-Philosophy-Magic Lantern
    Sent March 17th 2017

    BOOK OF CLOUDS Dance, Music, Philosophy, Magic Lantern SATURDAY, March 18 at 8pm Free Los Angeles has clear seasonal markers, for those with eyes to see. There's season where people loudly proclaim that it h...

  10. THIS SATURDAY, 8pm at Betalevel - 8 speakers: 6 medium, 2 small
    Sent March 8th 2017

    8 SPEAKERS: 6 MEDIUM, 2 SMALL Electronic music by Eric Heep, Danny Clarke, and Michael Matthew Saturday, March 11th 8pm FREE We have eight speakers: six of them sized medium, two of them sized s...

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