1. TONIGHT at Betalevel - Errata Salon: CREATURES
    Sent June 19th 2014

    ERRATA SALON: CREATURES Laura Bliss, Shannon Supple Thursday, June 19th at 8pm. Lectures start at 8:30 Free "Micro-monsters" Shannon Supple exploring fear and beauty in 17th century scientific illustrations ...

  2. Dog Star Orchestra - Wednesday, June 4th at 8pm
    Sent June 3rd 2014

    DOG STAR ORCHESTRA 10, Concert 6 "Sounds of a Visceral Nature" Wednesday, June 4th, at 8pm Free Matt Barbier (trombone) Face Splitter by Nicholas Deyoe Bowel Resection by Clint McCallum Ted Byrn...

    Sent May 28th 2014

    ERRATA SALON :: PUBLICNESS Ben Wurgaft & Evan Kindley Thursday, May 29th, at 8pm. Lectures start at 8:30 Free Ben Wurgaft will reflect on twenty years pleasurably spent writing in cafes, coffeehouses, espr...

  4. Betalevel Events FUTURE ELECTRONICA FROM INDIA - Sunday, May 11, at 4:30pm
    Sent May 8th 2014

    Future Electronica from India Bandish Projekt, Tablapusher, Azeem Khan Sunday, May 11, at 4:30pm Free Bandish Projekt performs an electronic and tabla set, with special guests Tablapusher and...

    Sent April 23rd 2014

    ERRATA SALON :: SLOWNESS Janice Lee + Jared Woodland, David Eng, Jason Brown Thursday, April 24th, at 8pm. Lectures start at 8:30 Free Apocalypse Withheld: Janice Lee & Jared Woodland will discuss the funct...

    Sent March 24th 2014

    ERRATA SALON :: PLACE with Sean Deyoe, David Eng & Lisa Locascio Thursday, March 27th, at 8:30pm Free Sean Deyoe examines the history inscribed upon or, rather, pressed directly into the streets and side...

  7. THE ROOM at Betalevel - Tonight (2/28) at 9pm
    Sent February 28th 2014

    The Room, a Screening Friday, February 28 Cocktail Hour at 9pm | Screening at 10pm Free Most movies are pretty bad. Many movies are so terrible they make you question how they came to be. But only a prec...

  8. Thursday - ERRATA SALON: RITUAL
    Sent February 19th 2014

    ERRATA SALON :: RITUAL with Stacy Elaine Dacheux and Adrienne Walser THURSDAY, February 20th, at 8pm Free Stacy Elaine Dacheux will discuss her month-long roundabout project while unearthing a personal re...

  9. CARTOON CAMPING - Animation Sleepover - Saturday, February 8, from 9pm to 9am
    Sent February 6th 2014

    CARTOON CAMPING Betalevel Animation Sleepover Saturday, February 8 9pm until 9am Free There are several possible explanations for this event: It could stem from a certain sort of childhood nostalgia, of w...

  10. RESONANCE - Ted Byrnes and Michael Foster, WEDNESDAY at Betalevel
    Sent February 4th 2014

    RESONANCE Experimental Music Series Performances by Ted Byrnes, Michael Foster WEDNESDAY, February 5th at 8pm Free As you are well aware, Betalevel has banned live drums. And while we have not officially banne...

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