1. Thursday at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 3: Fallen Objects! (Space Paranoids part 2)
    Sent July 17th 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES Episode 3: FALLEN OBJECTS! (Space Paranoids part 2) Thursday, July 19 at 8pm Free Exactly seventy one years ago this month, something crashed in the New Mexico Desert near the town of...

  2. Tomorrow at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 2: Olde Timey UFOs! (Space Paranoids part 1)
    Sent July 4th 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES Episode 2: OLDE TIMEY UFOs! (Space Paranoids part 1) THURSDAY July 05 at 8pm Free For this Paranoid Machines incident, we'll be dealing with UFOs going backwards from the "first" moder...

  3. Thursday: Los Angeles Photography Congress; Friday: Eri(c/k)a + Fogel
    Sent June 12th 2018

    This week at Betalevel: Los Angeles Photography Congress: Lectures by Valerie J. Bower and Janna Ireland Thursday, June 14, at 8pm Dog Star Orchestra 14: Music by Eri(c/k)a + Fogel Friday, June 15, at 8pm - Los Angeles Photography Congress: Valerie J. ...

  4. Tonight at Betalevel: ONE OF US - Music by Betalevel
    Sent June 3rd 2018

    ONE OF US: Music by Betalevel Escobar / Ravva / Anderson / Brown / Deyoe SUNDAY, June 3 at 8pm Free Evolving collaborative configurations of all of Betalevel's current citizens. EPISODE 2: Laboratory/Sandbox S...

  5. Paranoid Machines Lecture Thursday, Concerts Friday and Saturday
    Sent May 16th 2018

    Sometimes people ask us when our next event will be, and we sort of chuckle and shrug, cause hey, you know how things are. This is the other kind situation where we have three events over the next three days straight, and we gotta stuff 'em all in to one d...

  6. Sunday: Atmospheres of Tranquility
    Sent May 9th 2018

    ATMOSPHERES OF TRANQUILITY Brin / Ki Oni / Electric Sound Bath Sunday, May 13 8pm Free - Brin is Colin Blanton from Portland, who uses sensory percussion to command electronic sounds and textu...

  7. Friday at Betalevel - sound action for horse’s jaw by Juanjosé Rivas
    Sent April 19th 2018

    MASCULLAR Sounds and/or Music FRIDAY April 20th at 8:30p Free - JUANJOSÉ RIVAS : horse’s jaw, brackets, modified muzzles, electronics - ULRICH KRIEGER + CARMINA ESCOBAR : saxophones, amplified voice - JASON B...

  8. This Week at Betalevel: Blonda Tonight, Zazz on Sunday
    Sent March 27th 2018

    Have you considered... *electronic* music? TONIGHT! aka: Tuesday Mar 27 Blonda (Madison Heying and David Kant) — Casey Anderson Doors at 8pm Free SUNDAY April 1 Zazz — Lay/Kim — Smokey Emery — Small D...

  9. This week at Betalevel: Islands / Teasips / Icy on Thursday; karaoke on Saturday
    Sent March 13th 2018

    ISLANDS / TEASIPS / ICY with live video synthesis by Trevor Blake Thursday, March 15 8pm Free Icy - Islands - Teasips - Trevor Blake -...

  10. Tonight at Betalevel: ONE OF US - Music by Betalevel
    Sent February 25th 2018

    ONE OF US: Welcome Show Music by Betalevel SUNDAY, February 25 Cocktails at 7pm; Sounds at 8pm sharp Free An accumulative panoply of sound, visuals, and performance, this initiation ritual for a newly ordained me...

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