1. TONIGHT: Decision Bunker 2016
    Sent November 8th 2016

    DECISION BUNKER 2016: Countdown to the Aftermath Let’s Get This Over With Tuesday November 8 - 7:30 till… ? Free There’s a terrifying election. We’re an underground bunker. Come join us for the Time B...

  2. Friday, November 18th : Errata Salon : Intimacy
    Sent November 6th 2016

    This Month: INTIMACY Mike Miley & Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow Friday, November 18th Doors at 8pm, Talks at 8:30pm Free Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow "The Walkman" How the Walkman fostered some kinds of intimacy while foi...

  3. TONIGHT at Betalevel - cello, bass, and glckenspiel
    Sent November 5th 2016

    T.J. BORDEN PRESENTS THE MUSIC OF MATT SARGENT the wulf. @ Betalevel Saturday, November 5th at 8pm Free - SOFT SONG FOR SOLO CELLO [9’15”] - TIDE FOR 10+1 BASSES - MORE SNO...

  4. TONIGHT at Betalevel: Endless Death/Muerte sin Fin
    Sent November 2nd 2016

    ENDLESS DEATH / MUERTE SIN FIN Wednesday, November 2nd - PERFORMANCES AT THE ALTAR Doors 7pm; Performances 8–10pm The Day of the Dead is a unique traditional holiday from Mexico of syncratic c...

  5. TONIGHT at Betalevel: XelmYa Duo and Kevin CK Lo
    Sent October 14th 2016

    XELMYA DUO AND KEVIN CK LO the wulf. @ Betalevel Friday, October 14th at 8pm Free Kevin CK Lo This performance: there’ll be the negotiation of a prepared, internally microphoned flute with some way...

  6. Betalevel Events Errata Salon October 13th: TEXAS
    Sent October 7th 2016

    The Errata Salon: An Ongoing Series of Weird Essays, Unexpected Histories, Nonconformist Lectures, and Works in Progress This Month: TEXAS Kate Martin Rowe & Jason Brown Thursday, October 13 Doors at 8pm, Talks at 8:30pm Free Kate Martin Rowe The Seducti...

  7. TONIGHT at Betalevel: a wave press record release
    Sent October 1st 2016

    A WAVE PRESS RECORD RELEASE Anderson, Cazan, Escobar, Hutson the wulf. @ Betalevel Saturday, October 1, at 8pm Free a wave press, a new publishing initiative by Casey Anderson, celebrates the pu...

  8. TONIGHT at Betalevel: Traceroute screening and discussion
    Sent September 25th 2016

    TRACEROUTE A Personal Journey into the Uncharted Depths of Nerd Culture Sunday, September 25, at 6:30pm Screening at 7pm Discussion about nerd culture w/ Chris Gore & Johannes Grenzfurthner at 9pm Free Artist an...

  9. Oneiric Geographies -- Saturday, 9/17
    Sent September 14th 2016

    ONEIRIC GEOGRAPHIES From Byss to Abyss and Back Again Saturday, September 17, at 8pm Free We recently received another email from Omar ( Greetings, This is Omar ...

  10. The Wulf @ Betalevel: Harris Wulfson & Alison Knowles -- TONIGHT!
    Sent September 10th 2016

    Harris Wulfson & Alison Knowles The Wulf @ Betalevel Saturday, September 10, at 8pm Free While The Wulf works to secure a new permanent location, Betalevel will be hosting some of their ev...

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