1. Sunday at Betalevel: Ant'lrd / Ross Fish / Electric Sound Bath
    Sent April 14th 2017

    Electroencephonography: Ant'lrd / Ross Fish / Electric Sound Bath / Ki Oni Sunday, April 16 8pm Free Electric Sound Bath return to Betalevel — with Portland friends Ross Fish and Ant'lrd — for anot...

  2. MONDAY at Betalevel - Music by Foster/Hutson/Pisaro & Byrnes/Tobin
    Sent April 7th 2017

    Music by Foster/Hutson/Pisaro & Byrnes/Tobin Monday, April 10th 8pm FREE Joe Foster William Hutson Michael Pisaro & Ted Byrnes Micaela Tobin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Directions...

  3. Saturday at Betalevel: Dance-Music-Philosophy-Magic Lantern
    Sent March 17th 2017

    BOOK OF CLOUDS Dance, Music, Philosophy, Magic Lantern SATURDAY, March 18 at 8pm Free Los Angeles has clear seasonal markers, for those with eyes to see. There's season where people loudly proclaim that it h...

  4. THIS SATURDAY, 8pm at Betalevel - 8 speakers: 6 medium, 2 small
    Sent March 8th 2017

    8 SPEAKERS: 6 MEDIUM, 2 SMALL Electronic music by Eric Heep, Danny Clarke, and Michael Matthew Saturday, March 11th 8pm FREE We have eight speakers: six of them sized medium, two of them sized s...

  5. Tuesday at Betalevel -- CURVED LIGHT, ELECTRIC SOUND BATH, et al.
    Sent February 26th 2017

    ELECTROENCEPHONOGRAPHY Curved Light / Electric Sound Bath / Dang Olsen Dream Tape / Cool Maritime Tuesday, February 28, at 8pm Free A night of strange/beautiful audio/visual electronics -- visceral, ...

  6. Monday at Betalevel - AGITATORIUM - Music, Noise, and Politics
    Sent February 19th 2017

    AGITATORIUM - Music, Noise, and Politics A Talk by Dror Feiler MONDAY, February 20 at 8pm Free On this very special President's Day, Swedish composer Dror Feiler will talk about politics and noise, limits and l...

  7. TONIGHT at Betalevel - Bend Duo
    Sent February 1st 2017

    BENT DUO Performs works by Anderson, Cage, and Hennies Wednesday, February 1 at 8pm Free Bent Duo is a new project by NYC-based performers Bill Solomon and David Friend. The project explores a set of interwoven ...

  8. The Wulf @ Betalevel: Surface Motion -- Saturday, January 14
    Sent January 13th 2017

    SURFACE MOTION New works by Martin, Pisaro and Young Saturday, January 14 8pm Free The final The Wulf @ Betalevel event is an evening of works by Luke Martin, Michael Pisaro, and Andrew Young. "so softly tha...

  9. Betalevel Events Errata Salon FRIDAY December 9th: THE ARCHIVE
    Sent December 3rd 2016

    This Month: THE ARCHIVE Jocelyn Saidenberg & Stephanie Young Friday, December 9th Doors at 8pm, Talks at 8:30pm Free Jocelyn Saidenberg "An Elsewhere of Survivals: Inscriptions and Echoes in Little Sparta, while walking with John Clare, Bob Glück and Virgi...

  10. TONIGHT: Computer Music Hangout
    Sent November 17th 2016

    COMPUTER MUSIC HANGOUT Isaac Schankler Thursday, November 17 at 8pm Free Isaac will be discussing his recent and future music involving: cellular automata; finding information in n...

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