1. Friday at Betalevel - networked electronic music
    Sent June 16th 2016

    BITPANIC!!! Friday June 17 at 8pm Free A night of works for networked electronic music performed by bitpanic and written by members of the ensemble: Casey Anderson - Scott Cazan - Clay Chaplin - David Pa...

  2. 11th Anniversary T-Shirt
    Sent June 13th 2016

    11TH ANNIVERSARY SHIRTS ON PRE-SALE NOW $20 pre-sale ($25 thereafter) Since opening our door in 2005, Betalevel has been host to various rites and research, seeking to educate, entertai...

  3. TONIGHT at Betalevel: New Electronic Music
    Sent May 12th 2016

    AMERICAN HARDCORE: New Electronic Music Joe Foster/JP Jenkins, Casey Anderson, Garrett Hickman Thursday May 12 at 8pm Free "It should be a pretty good show!" - Casey Anderson - - - - - - - - - - - -...

  4. Friday at Betalevel - Green Lion Eats the Sun (mostly euphonium)
    Sent April 28th 2016

    GREEN LION EATS THE SUN (mostly euphonium) Matt Barbier Friday, April 29 at 8pm Free Assistant wasteLAnd director and trombonist, Matt Barbier, presents a solo performance based (mostly) on putting ...

  5. sAWP meet - Saturday, April 2, at 10pm
    Sent March 30th 2016

    sAWP meet Karaoke - Conviviality - Memories of Piracy Saturday, April 2 10pm until late Free The annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference is in town this week. We thought it might b...

  6. MONDAY: Incunablua (audio AND visual)
    Sent February 28th 2016

    INCUNABULA Audio and Visual Monday, February 29 at 8pm Free Join us for music of a somewhat droney nature, with accompanying live video work. sound : llull sound : Last Nights of Paris sight : Sean Dey...

  7. Swap Meet - Valentine's Karaoke - Saturday, February 13th
    Sent February 10th 2016

    SWAP MEET Valentine's Karaoke Saturday, February 13 10pm until late Free If you really love them, you'll bring them to a basement in Chinatown and tell them, in song. If it doesn't work out, well, we have song...

  8. Music at Betalevel - Tonight and Friday
    Sent January 26th 2016

    And lo, a sudden cluster of winter concerts did leave their shimmering trace on the cave walls... - - - AMERICAN HARDCORE 8 New Electronic Music TONIGHT - January 26 at 8pm Free die Reihe (Jack Callah...

  9. TONIGHT at Betalevel - Local Trombones
    Sent January 12th 2016

    LOCAL TROMBONES Matt Barbier and Weston Olencki: Trombone Duos Tuesday, January 12, doors at 8pm Free First performance of a new duo program performed by Matt Barbier and Weston Olencki. ::::::::::YO HERE...

  10. Swap Meet - New Year's Eve Karaoke - Thursday, December 31st
    Sent December 29th 2015

    SWAP MEET New Year's Eve Karaoke Thursday, December 31 10pm until late Free Another year almost over. Forget dropping balls and Auld Lang Syne, head down to our subterranean redoubt and do The Final Countdown...

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