Date: July 4th 2018

Episode 2: OLDE TIMEY UFOs! (Space Paranoids part 1)
THURSDAY July 05 at 8pm

For this Paranoid Machines incident, we'll be dealing with UFOs going backwards from the "first" modern UFO sighting in June of 1947, and looking at some of the other airships, presences, and entities that filled the skies up to that point. This involves such topics as:

- what really went down at Maury Island
- evil pervert dwarves living in caves beneath our feet
- the great airship flap of 1897
- the secret records of the Sonora Aero Club
- schizophrenia
- the inventor of the ice machine
- how the LAX Theme Building is an alien invasion reference
- and probably so much more! Who knows!!

This incident was ~supposed~ to be in June (hey, sorry about the broken world, everyone). But that means July is now a Paranoid Machines UFO Double Header. Come back down on Thursday July 19 for Paranoid Machines Episode 3: Space Paranoids Part Two - The Roswelling!

. . .
Hi. I'm Jason Brown. For the last twenty years or so, I've been trying to understand the 'paranoid' nature of memory technology, using the 1982 movie Tron as a mythopoetic scaffold to explain everything. But instead of a scaffold, its more of a long, jumbled trail of weird refuse. So now I'm gathering it up into tidy little individual piles for you to consume. On Thursdays throughout the hellish summer, come on down into the cool, welcoming darkness of Betalevel to find out why everything is as strange as you already suspected. We'll have drinks and snacks. It'll be fine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Directions to Betalevel

1. Find yourself in front of "FULL HOUSE RESTAURANT"
located at 963 N. Hill Street in Chinatown, Los Angeles

2. Locate the narrow alley on the left hand side of Full House.

3. Walk about 20 feet down the alley (away from the street).

4. Stop.

5. Notice dumpster on your right hand side.

6. Take a right and continue down the alley.

7. Exercise caution so as not trip on the wobbly cement blocks underfoot

8. The entrance to Betalevel is located 10 yards down on left side,
behind a red door, down a black staircase.

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