1. Experimental Relaxation - Sunday, December 2, at Betalevel
    Sent December 1st 2018

    EXPERIMENTAL RELAXATION Sunday, December 2 Doors at 8pm; music at 8:30pm Free An evening of instrumental ambient music to celebrate the release of "all that's left is a desert," a new cassette by ...

  2. Thursday at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 5: Bat Country
    Sent November 28th 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES EPISODE 5: Bat Country Thursday, Nov 29 at 8pm Free When I read the backstory of the song "Exit," I finally realized U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree was a necromantic ceremony. Did it ...

  3. Filias/Fobias -- Saturday, November 17, at Betalevel
    Sent November 16th 2018

    FILIAS/FOBIAS Saturday, November 17 8pm door; music starts at 8:30pm Free Certified hardest-working Betalevel member Carmina Escobar continues her impressive string of recent performances with this night of ...

  4. TONIGHT at Betalevel: VISCERA
    Sent November 11th 2018

    VISCERA Der Bauch and Carmina Escobar SUNDAY, November 11 at 8pm Free Seeking solace from multi-pronged apocalypse rising on all sides? Then join us this evening in our cozy bunker for a low-key after-party/perform...

  5. Swap Meet - Karaoke & Conviviality - Saturday, November 3, at Betalevel
    Sent October 31st 2018

    SWAP MEET Karaoke & Conviviality Saturday, November 3 9pm until late Free Swap Meet, Betalevel’s celebration of the cultural commons, returns again! This time around, join us as we also celebrate Carmina’s ...

  6. Tomorrow at Betalevel : EMERGENCY CONCERT!
    Sent October 11th 2018

    EMERGENCY CONCERT! No Time to Explain — Just Get In the Concert! FRIDAY October 12 at 8:30pm FREE Carmina ESCOBAR – Sounds! Jason BROWN – Other Sounds! Sean DEYOE – Visuals! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

  7. Thursday at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 4: If Doodlebugs Don't Lie
    Sent October 3rd 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES EPISODE 4: If Doodlebugs Don't Lie Thursday, Oct 4 at 8pm Free Let's start with the Lizard Tunnels. In 1933, a guy named George Shufelt claimed he used an “x-ray doodlebug” to map a n...

  8. Escobar + Matsumoto > Saturday, 9/8/18
    Sent September 7th 2018

    CARMINA ESCOBAR + KOZUE MATSUMOTO Saturday, September 8 8pm Free Carmina Escobar - voice - Kozue Matsumoto - koto - - - - - - - - - - - -...

  9. Thursday at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 3: Fallen Objects! (Space Paranoids part 2)
    Sent July 17th 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES Episode 3: FALLEN OBJECTS! (Space Paranoids part 2) Thursday, July 19 at 8pm Free Exactly seventy one years ago this month, something crashed in the New Mexico Desert near the town of...

  10. Tomorrow at Betalevel: PARANOID MACHINES 2: Olde Timey UFOs! (Space Paranoids part 1)
    Sent July 4th 2018

    PARANOID MACHINES Episode 2: OLDE TIMEY UFOs! (Space Paranoids part 1) THURSDAY July 05 at 8pm Free For this Paranoid Machines incident, we'll be dealing with UFOs going backwards from the "first" moder...

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